Do you wake up with great intentions start your day off and find an excuse to put something off until tomorrow? OMG! That was the story of my life. Oh, I was a pro at finding something else to do in place of what I was actually supposed to doing. Yep, story of my past life until shit never really got done, and weeks went by and I was still stuck in the same freakin’ place with the same freakin’ goal and no progress – which wasn’t fun and can you say very irritating.

BUT it happens to the best of us, so don’t beat yourself up. Procrastination and lack of action is a dream and motivation killer. I promise you that much. So don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow. Show up and get it done through hell and high water. You will feel much better, get more done and have less anxiety.

One of the things I was lacking was structure, routine and discipline and it starts with how you start out your day. You have to start your day in a way that will set you up for success. Some people say the early bird catches the worm and if you’re a night owl waking up early won’t work for you. Whatever you do, whatever time you wake up create a routine that is manageable and one that you can remain consistent with.

Your mornings are powerful and how you start your day will determine how it ends. Did you know that the morning is a powerful time to frame our mindset for the day ahead? If you do research you will find that if not all majority of successful people have a morning routine they live by. We get so busy at times that we forget that it’s the little things that can have the potential to make a huge difference in our lives to make us better and more effective. As a business owner, entrepreneur, and just an all-around successful individual. Start your day off with bold affirmations and intentions to set the tone for how to approach what comes next. It takes practice focus and consistency but it can be done. Creating a morning routine helps you to be prepared for new opportunities throughout the day by keeping your eye open to possibilities and changes as they arise.

Ask yourself these 3 questions every morning after you open your eyes to help you slay the day ahead:

  1. How can I help someone today? You have something to offer, you have something to give what is that and how can you help someone by offering what you have. How can you change someone else’s life today? Every gift that we have is supposed to be used in the form of service to others. When you wake up instead of thinking about dreading the day and focused on everything you have to do and getting overwhelmed, think of things that empower you.
  2. How can I be better today? What can you differently? What can you do differently today that will allow you to operate in your highest capacity? Perfection doesn’t exist, don’t even try. This question is about recognizing and making each day count and better than the day before.
  3. In what ways can I create value today, for myself and others? How can you create value through your work for other and for yourself? How is the work you do providing value? Your work should solve a problem and make people better off afterwards. What type of customer service do you provide? How can you create a branding experience that will have and keep your audience coming back for more.

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