I am here to help you resolve your branding and marketing frustrations, once and for all.

I work with Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners who can’t figure out how to brand and market their business. I help them create and market a brand they absolutely love.

A few things that set me apart
First and foremost I do not consider myself a coach. I am a consultant and strategist. I partner with you and hold your hand to help you create an authentic brand that resonates with your audience.

What I bring to the table
Of course I have my own secret sauce, that’s why they call me the “Kreative Eye” and the “Brand Slayer.” I bring a fresh approach to branding with my own unique strategy and perspective.

I hold a Bachelor’s of Fine Art Degree in Visual Communication and a Master’s in Business Administration with Marketing Emphasis. I have over 15 years’ experience working in various capacities in business and with entrepreneurs and business owners.

There are coaches and consultants out there who only coach you the way they have taught to reach success. I work with you so that you do business your way, but guide you to success. I don’t sell a magic formula, it takes hard work to build big brands! I help you bring your vision to life. With my guidance, strategy, design and development skills I help you create a branding experience that is sustainable yet memorable.

How does this benefit you?
I take the struggle and frustration out of building your brand so you don’t have to go it alone. I am your support. You no longer have to struggle finding solutions on your own. You no longer have to create programs or services that you’re unsure of. I’ll help you create programs and services that your tribe need and desire.

Are you ready to get to work?
Running your own business can be a challenge. At times, it can feel like your deep diving in quicksand – nothing seems to work. I know that although charting success in your own business can be exhilarating and doing what you love beings great joy. But you must know it won’t be a walk in the park. I have been there. I have stressed and struggled in the past trying to find my way. I craved flexibility and freedom but you have to put in work to get both.

Be courageous!
It’s time to show up and show out.
It’s time to conquer your dreams in creating a brand that you love.

Time waits for no one…
If you want to live the life of your dreams it is possible… If you’re ready let me help you achieve your wildest dreams of creating a business and a life you love.

During this session we dive deep, you tell me how what you are currently doing and where you aspiring to be within the next 60 – 90 days. We discuss the support you need that will aid in you reaching your goals.

Don’t worry about not knowing or having a blueprint in place, my brand discovery session is where we will begin to put these pieces in place to explore all of the possibilities that are available to you by working with me.

My brand discovery session includes:
– A strategy and clarity session on your brand message
– Straightforward, honest feedback and suggestions on your current branding and marketing collateral – digital and print
– Solutions and marketing strategy in creating or revamping of your online presence that you can monetize right now

This is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to:

– Stop playing small and staying stagnant
– Challenge their current mind-set
– Ready to receive one on one coaching and support so you don’t have to go it alone
– Gain clarity regarding your brand’s identity and marketing strategy messaging
– Create or revamp your online presence that allows you to visually shine: style guide, logo, social media collateral, website design and development
– Build tribe of adoring fans and followers
– Position yourself as an influential expert and leader in your industry
– Up-level your brand’s position with a strategic and marketing plan in place
– Ready to invest their time, energy, and finances into their business right now

If you…
– Are on the fence and not ready to invest in your business
– Do not have the finances to invest in yourself or your business
– Are not ready to change your mind set and play bigger

This opportunity is not for you!

During this call we will discuss and uncover the things that have been holding you back from creating a business and life you love. Let’s chat and get to know each other better, doing so will allow us both to decide if you qualify for one of my consulting programs.

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